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A Warm and Welcoming Independent Jewish Community

A Warm and Welcoming Independent Jewish Community

A Warm and Welcoming Independent Jewish CommunityA Warm and Welcoming Independent Jewish Community

Our Holidays

Shabbat candles, challah, and wine


Whether a beginner or a scholar, all are welcome, and you are sure to experience a connection somewhere in your mind, heart, and soul. We are a casual group, so please come as you are: the energy of the community is what is important.

We might have a potluck dessert oneg or a dairy/veggie/fish potluck oneg lunch. Our members span a wide variety of eating styles, and while we encourage everyone to bring something to share, everyone is welcome to bring something for themselves reflecting their personal dietary needs.

Please see our Calendar page for the current schedule of services and events. We gather together to welcome in this time of rest in our week, to take a moment and breathe, to reflect and connect. Services are filled with a spiritual quality while grounded in tradition. The service includes familiar prayers, music, meditation and open-hearted engagement with Torah.


The High Holy Days

On the High Holidays, P'nai Or gathers to journey together through the Days of Awe from Rosh HaShanah eve and day to Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur, and then on to Sukkot and Simchat Torah. It is a time of reflection, a time of realignment and re-turning to God, T'shuvah.  It is a time to become aware of and confront our behaviors and a time to initiate a process of change. As our prayerbook says, "It is a time when we hear God call to us in the words that were addressed to the first Human, the Adam, in the Garden of Eden: Where are you?"


Yom Kippur Yizkor Service

An incredible and healing part of our Yom Kippur day is our unique Yizkor service. We intentionally create a sacred space where everyone is invited to bring in a photo or remembrance of someone who was a part of their lives and to share their story. It can be an emotional yet soothing experience, and we always leave feeling very honored to have shared this special time with each other. We conclude our Yom Kippur journey with the Neilah service and a celebratory potluck dinner to break our Yom Kippur fast and enter the New Year. 



On occasion we gather to say goodbye to Shabbat and get ready for the next week. In addition to the wine, the candle and the sweet aroma of spices, the night often includes some form of Jewish learning and music to nourish our souls.



Each year we celebrate and journey together as a community on the second night of Passover. We use a Haggadah combining the traditional story and inspired contemporary readings, heartfelt discussion, and wonderful music and song.



Everyone brings their Hanukkiah, and we gather together to light the flames within our hearts. It is truly a wonderful sight to see all the Hanukkiot on one table glowing together. It is a chance to be with our P’nai Or family and of course have our famous homemade latkes by our very own "Alan the latke man!"